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As many of you know, the crew behind Liveacts Belgium is mostly dutch speaking. While we try to cover news about the Belgian and international blues scene, we know many visitors (even in Belgium, having 3 official languages), do not speak or understand little Dutch. It would be too much of an effort for our crew (who act on a voluntary basis) to cover each article in several languages. So, as we live in Flanders, many of our articles will be written in Dutch – which, I believe, will not be much of a problem for our readers from The Netherlands 🙂

While we apologise for this, we do offer a somehow conveniant solution. At the end of our pages on liveactsbelgium, on the left, our pages are translated in English through Microsoft Translator, just by clicking on it. This does not work on our other sites, because these contain mostly images and links. I know this automatic translation sometimes really sucks, but while this software is continuously improving, things might be a little bit more understandable to many of you.

So even if text is not always clear, we hope you enjoy our site(s) anyway. We provide as many links, photos and video as possible, and our main goal surely is to promote blues music which, in many cases, is mentioned to be listened to.

Cheers, Frank.