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Music and photography are our passion. On this website we write about the (international) concerts and festivals that we attend. We also like to share the pictures that we take, and sometimes we include video content. If possible we include links to the bands’  websites, so you can buy their music / dvd ‘s.

We are a small but dedicated group of music enthousiasts / photo lovers / concert reviewers. If you would like to contribute to this site in either way we will greatly wellcome you. Photographing and some writing skills are required, and the passion for music must be anchored in your heart. Cheers !


Bas mono blogFrank Jacobs : runs music club Boogiewoogie, author, photographer, video editing, webdesign. Has welcomed hundreds of international talented artists at his club over + 30 years. Severely addicted to music and photography.

D50 432a-bewerkt-bewerkt-bewerktPhilip Verhaege : author, photographer for this site, Back To The Roots, Keys and Chords. Has private contact adresses of hundreds of famous blues and rock artists around the world, whom he all met in private or backstage.

Singer blogJo De Boeck : author, photographer for this site. Multi-music lover with an extensive career as a musician. Has many friends in the music industry, and knows about anything about AOR and much more.


All textual and photographic content on this site is copyright protected. But we do encourage you to buy the work of the musicians that we write about, as they sure as hell compose the best music around !