wo 4/4 20u30
Missy Sippy Blues Jam (Electric) –  Open for all musicians – Register before  21h30

do 5/4 21u

concert – The Morning Call Jazz Band –   New Orleans style! The pre-party of a swinging event, called The Ghent Hoppers Exchange, edition 2018! magistic swingjazz & slowblues concert by some crazy and genius musicians.  

di 10/4 21u

concert – John Fairhurst Duo (UK) –   Wandering 21st century- blues man: tales of travels, booze and love. Blues bourbon, spiced with gypsy, flamenco and roots. Uniquely for this concert, he brings along his friend and drummer Toby Murray.

Nico Duportal (Fr) & His Rhythm Dudes 

do 12/4 21u
concert –   Nico Duportal (Fr) & His Rhythm Dudes –  Early Rock ‘n’ Roll & Rockin’ Rhythm & Blues spiced up with American Roots & Soul.   Renowned and talented swingin’ rythm ’n blues-guitarist brings along his complete band. -get your tickets now: missy-sippy.be

za 14/4 22u
Boogie Saturdays – DJ Agent Orange

ma 16/4 21u

concert – Silas en De Spreeuwen –  For the first time ever, Silas brings his repertoire in Dutch. Big stories of pleasure and perdition. A mix of dark country, with a hint of Tom Waits, mixed in with some well-known covers, dressed with a warm glow.

wo 18/4 20u30

Missy Sippy Blues Jam (Acoustic) –  Open for all musicians – Register before 21h30

do 19/04 21u Bluebird – CD Release – They are soulful and know how to play the blues. They have their own style and their own grooves. They present you their first album: ‘Live at Missy Sippy’!

Dale Storr (UK)

za 21/04 22u
concert – Dale Storr (UK) – Smoking hot blues & boogie –  Famous British blues & boogie piano player. Get ready for some whirlin’ New Orleans! 

zo 22/04 16u en 20u

Miss Burlesque – Cabaret Cuberdon – An evening filled with seduction and decadent beauty. Get your tickets now:   

Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones (US) 


di 24/04 21u: concert – 

Lara Hope & The Ark-Tones (US)  

New Yorks’ leading lady of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly diva on heigh heels  and the legendary Ark Tones, will get your booty shakin’ on the dancefloor! 

 vrij 27/04 22u

Lokale Helden – RAMAN.  –  The young kings of the alternative rock scene in Ghent, steeped in blues & roots. Frontman Simon Raman moves and rocks you with his voice, guitarplay and cojones. RAMAN is on the roll!

*All concerts are FREE, except Cabaret Cuberdon 22/4 *

 Get your tickets now: www.missy-sippy.be

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