* R.I.P Lynwood Slim

Slim started playing tPpagetop_600x270_lynwoodslimhe trumpet at age 12, and the harmonica when he was 15.  His early influences include Jimmy Reed, Little Walter and Big Walter Horton. He played the Los Angeles music scene then moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1974. He became a major force on the music scene, winning awards for best blues band in 1986.

Slim moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1988, returned to Los Angeles later that same year. He started working with Junior Watson, as well as Hollywood Fats Band alumni Larry Taylor, Fred Kaplan and Richard Innes. He started playing the flute after listening to James Moody andHerbie Mann.

Recording credits include a number of solo albums as well as numerous as a guest performer, producer, engineer, arranger and songwriter. Slim is currently signed to Delta Groove, an independent record label based in Van Nuys, California. He has toured and recorded in the United Statesas well as Europe, South America and Australia.

Slim’s health has been on the decline since early 2011. Initially he was diagnosed with hepatitis C, which he overcame, but the damage to his liver caused cirrhosis. In late 2011 Slim was given news that without a liver transplant he would only survive for two years.