Tyketto Maandag 14 November 2016 Spirit of 66, Verviers Belgium

As you may be aware Tyketto have reformed, with a new album. Because of this i will be updating this site to a newer version and will try to keep you updated with the news as it happens. Please remember that the OFFICIAL TYKETTO site can be found at tyketto.de, Also you can follow the latest news on the official facebook page here! as well as the unofficial tyketto FB page here 🙂


This site is the product of Smiggy who followed Tyketto through the 90’s at their many gigs around the North West of England, many photos of these gigs can be found in the Photo’s section.

Since registering the Tyketto domain I have received many emails asking for the latest news about the band and also telling me of their experiences and memories of Danny and the guys.

For the latest information about Danny, Brooke, Jaimie, Michael, etc then please view our Tyketto Forum – CLICK HERE!

Also, don’t forget our message board. Post your views, reviews and memories.

More Info & Tickets: Spirit of 66